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In The Princess Bride, Inigo’s quest for his father’s killer is one of the most successful subplots in film history. Watching his performance, it’s such an emotional scene. I was looking up little known facts about the movie and found out that the reason this scene is so moving is because just after Mandy Patinkin took this role, his father died of cancer. In this fight he imagined that this was his chance to beat cancer, to come to terms with his father’s death by getting revenge on cancer (The Six-Fingered Man). Pretty sure I’ve cried whenever I see that scene ever since.

That explains the raw emotion of that scene. That one line had so much more poignance than the entire rest of the movie (and I say this as someone who loves this movie.)


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Tauriel Refuses To Get Into Butt Pose In Hobbit Poster, Makes Legolas Do It Instead




MUST REBLOG just look long and hard at this composition, you guys, it’s almost like CREATIVE TEAMS ARE GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY TO RECOGNIZE AND SUBVERT TRADITIONALLY OBJECTIFYING FRAMES OF REFERENCE happy thanksgiving ya’ll

i luv this because i’ve always firmly believed that legolas was given the cliched “girl” role in the LOTR movies. also i loathe butt-pose posters and this cheers me. i would definitely watch The Hobbit if it was about legolas being tauriel’s male girlfriend, instead of being about hobbits and dwarves. (sorry hobbit fans.)

I’ve read a review of the film.

I know whose girlfriend Tauriel is. I’m not saying.

I’m DELIGHTED this poster exists. I’m DELIGHTED Evangeline Lily has said what she said about her inclusion in this film. I’m DELIGHTED certain Tolkien fans are boycotting the movie because they hate the departures from the text (more room for NICE people in the theater)

I’m pretty sure Weta and PJ and Crew went to New Line and WB and said, “Do this, or we’ll make a fuss in the press - and we’ll win.”

Ok I’m actually starting to get excited for this movie.

I was so disappointed after the last one because of the changes (I just wanted a good, faithful adaptation!) but if we get some kickass action heroines I might can get on board for this.

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Calling all John Barrowman Fans! 

I will be attending Chicago Comic Con and have a meet up with John Barrowman. I thought that it would be nice to give John and Scott a card congratulating them on their marriage. Everyone who reblogs this post will have their URL put on the card. I will post a video of John receiving the card!

Yesss this is brilliant!

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Neil Gaiman responded to me.

I will never not love this moment.

I got permission from my fantasy lit professor to write my honors research paper on his work. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to write about, but I was really excited, so I sent him a tumblr message saying so. 

And I know it’s silly, because all he said was good luck, but it was the only bright spot in an otherwise horrific day.

Now I have this intense desire to submit this paper that’s not even written to literary journals, so I can send him links if it gets published. Be all like, “see what your fandom can do!”

On the plus side I’m 90% sure I’m writing about the metaphorical “descent into hell” slash “hero’s journey” that pops up in a lot of his “hidden worlds” fiction. As in, why the hero must descend into this metaphorical world that either A) seems horrific but actually ends up being the hero’s “true home” or B) seems idyllic but ends up being deadly and awful. I.e. hell. Exact thesis still under construction, but at least I have the main idea down. 

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